Columbia City
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Historic Columbia City is the jewel of Southeast Seattle.

As a guest at the Last Loft, you are a few steps from the center of the Columbia City business district. It offers a compact, walkable neighborhood known for its charming buildings, great restaurants, neighborhood cinema, and thriving arts community. Turn-of-the-century buildings are filled with an eclectic mix of retailers, dining establishments, and entertainment options.

There's excellent transit service to both downtown Seattle and the airport. New light rail service opens summer 2009, and the Columbia City station is just 3 blocks away! Just a short drive, bus trip, or light rail ride from downtown Seattle, Columbia City is worlds away from downtown congestion, high rises, and parking challenges.

Columbia City has an authenticity that's hard to match. Visitors are immediately struck by the diversity within this close-knit business district.

Columbia City rolls out the red carpet with the Wednesday Farmers Market (May through October), our monthly BeatWalk (first Friday, May through October), the annual Heritage Parade (August), live music and comedy at the Columbia City Theater, and first-run movies at our 3-screen, neighborhood Cinema. 

Diners have their choice of Neapolitan pizza, Vietnamese pho, Sicilian "soul" food, Ethiopian, barbeque, family Mexican, Caribbean, Filipino-American, uncommonly good pub grub, and good old American fare. Shoppers can explore a collection of African imports, view works of art, search for that special skirt, outfit the children, or buy flowers, meats, and fresh-baked bread.

The  area was a dense forest until the arrival of the Rainier Valley Electric Railway in 1891. The railroad was used to promote the sale of Columbia City building lots, a lumber mill was built, and the settlement of "Columbia", named after Christopher Columbus, began in earnest. Three streets in the neighborhood bear names of other famous explorers: Ferdinand Street after Magellan, Hudson Street after Henry Hudson, and Americus Street after Amerigo Vespucci.